The Active Thames is a project to explore the evolution of the Thames within the city of London and  discover the importance of the Thames for the active city of London. When discovering, what makes an Active City, the first response is the flows through the city, be it flows of people, cars, public transport, good and services or expenditure through the city. These flows can be classified by many different data sets such as public transport usage figures or number of cars on the roads but this does not really capture the heart of the activity in the city of London.

When defining London, there is one key feature that signifies it, that is the River Thames. The Thames has helped shape the city of London, it is a focal point for celebrations such as the New Years Eve fireworks and the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant as well as bringing people together with many of the most culturally significant buildings located along the banks of it. When Londoners celebrate, London focuses on the Thames.