“Social Media is not about the exploitation of technology but service to community”
-Simon Mainwaring

Geolocated social media activity is one of the most important indexes that shows real-time activity in an area. For our project we gathered data from twitter, instagram and foursquare, the first two of which we visualised individually and in a 3d integrated visualisation.



The individual visualisation for twitter was made in processing using the twitter4j and unfolding maps libraries. The twitter4j  was imported in order to make the Processing sketch communicate with twitter APIs and parse all the queried data. The unfolding maps were used as a background interactive mapping service and the same library provided also the marker points for the tweets.


The result was an interactive map of London that sends a query for the whole London area for tweets that include the word “Thames” every 30 seconds. After parsing the data they appear on the Unfolding map as interactive markers; if the user clicks on one of the tweets, then the content of the tweet is appearing at the bottom of the draw screen.


Unfortunately, wordpress.com isn’t able to host an interactive javascript code, thus making us unable to present the function of the code.



Foursquare data were parsed as JSON objects which were stored in a CSV file. The free API from foursquare is providing only data for the 50 most popular venues, thus making it impossible to parse enough data for visualisation purposes for the whole London. So, we gathered data only for Sunday 18th May for the area around O2 Arena in London and we placed the results on a map into categories, based on the check-ins that were made in these 24 hours.