Augmented Reality (AR) is a relatively new technology that is finding its way through different disciplines. The nature of this technology that allows visualisation of the physical world along with the virtual world is making it the most suitable for the final representation of this project as it can be a way to visualise every element of the project in one piece. This approach allows the physical and virtual elements to be seen together as a contiguous, layered and dynamic whole.

The nature of cities in the current time is no longer just about the building constructions of the city but the digital information as the hidden aspects of our life in integration with the physical space as well, these features are shaping the physical space we inhabit along with physical structures that are visible to the naked eye.

3D simulation of the area of interest can help us have a better understanding of how the city functions as a system, there are numerous methods to make this available for people that are interested but the nature of the simulation which stands for the hidden aspects of our city life can be highly integrated with the notion of augmented reality.